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Youth Software Programming

Learning Their Future, Today.

In your child's future digital world, software programming is KING!

Every technology we use, from the technology you are using to view this web page, to the web computer that serves up the information, to the digital watch on your wrist, all work because of creative software programming. Many colleges across our nation have arrived at a simple understanding - every student needs to learn how to program a computer because learning to program requires you to think differently. Unfortunately grammar, middle, and high schools are a long way from doing the same.

theMaker's lessons go beyond filling the learning gap!  

By attending, your child will build knowledge their peers do not possess.

theMaker's STEM Learning Lessons use new and powerful learning technologies that integrate software programming concepts and activities and are organized around peer groups of Grammar, Middle, and High School age youths. 

You will be amazed at what your child can learn and create while having fun. Need the Specifics? Click Here

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