Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning Lessons in Tallahassee Florida

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Unique Learning Opportunity and Value

Participants only need to bring their minds!

theMaker's Learning Lessons offer you and your child an unparalleled and unique learning value. By attending one of theMaker's Learning Sessions, participants are given their own Software Programming and STEM Learning Kit that contains the digital and physical computing tools, software, and materials they need to quickly advance their knowledge and build exciting projects.

I get a computer by attending? NO WAY!

Participants get a real learning computer that they can use during lessons, take home to advance their knowledge and projects between lessons, use to show and teach family members what they have learned, bring to school to show their teachers and peers, and keep as their own personal learning platform.

All for a cost comparable to the cost for music lessons!

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Software Programming and STEM Learning Lessons and Levels

theMaker has three levels of Learning Lessons - Science, Engineering, and Command. Lessons at each level are designed around Software Programming and STEM skills that are appropriate for each age group. All Learning Lessons are 8 weeks long and are organized for peer groups of grammar school, middle school, high school students.

All Learning Lesions culminate in a presentation and demonstration of attendees newly developed knowledge and amazing creations to parents and family.

Science Level - This is where it all starts

Hands-on STEM based lessons where participants learn how to use the provided digital and physical computing technologies to bring their amazing ideas to life.  Science Level Learning Lessons are where all the action starts.  Participants go from little or no experience to developing real software and a cool project that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.

At the grammar school age level, participants focus on the digital side of the equation and on learning software programming.  A project example at this age would be writing the software to create a video game.

Middle school age participants start to advance their knowledge with activities that integrate digital and physical computing platforms.  They might develop the software and hardware needed to create a digital pinball machine with working lights and counters, or a robotic hand, or a video game with a specialized video controller that makes it all work.  At this age, emphasis is on software programming concepts along with the introduction of controlling physical devices with software they develop. 

High school age participants will enjoy stretching the capabilities of the digital and physical technologies provided.  They may even make magic happen - think Weasley Location Clock in Harry Potter.  Yes, one example project is making an actual clock that tracks family members and brings to life the magic from the movie.  In the future, the wizards will be the people that know how to program a computer.

Sound unrealistic? 

Sound too good to be true? 

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Engineering Level - Amazing Creations

Hands-on Software Programming and STEM based lessons that build on Science Level Learning and take participants through a challenging STEM project development exercise. The goal of Engineering Level Learning Lessons are to have participants create something substantial.  Projects can vary from building a remote controlled object, robotic hands, a video game, or a number of other challenging and fun learning projects based on the groups interest and age level.

Command Level - Building Knowledge to Infinity and Beyond!

Building on Engineering level lessons, participants attending Command Level Learning Lessons choose their own STEM project. Command level lessons are less structured than Science or Engineering levels and allow participants to develop their own ideas with guided help.  

STEM Learning Space 

theMaker's Learning Space is a dedicated, fully equipped space with the tools, newest technologies, and materials needed to spark your child's interest in learning through hands-on activities and projects. Participants learn by doing. What our children view as abstract concepts worked out on paper in their school classrooms, are presented and then put into immediate use as participants utilize digital and physical computing tools to actually create a real working example of those concepts. While it may sound complex, the tools and technologies exist today and they are powerful and capable of supporting learning at all levels and all ages.