Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning Lessons in Tallahassee Florida

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theMaker's Learning Sessions strive to accomplish one simple goal.

To provide a fun and interactive learning experience that sparks participant interest and builds understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through the use of technologies that enable the interaction of the real and digital worlds.

Southwood Community Learning Lessons

Software Programming and STEM Learning Lessons are offered in the same manner as other types of convenient after school/work community lessons. theMaker's Lessons take place in a dedicated, fully equipped Learning Space in theMaker's home in the Southwood Community in Tallahassee, Florida.

By taking this approach, a convenient, fun, and cost effective youth learning opportunity is available to you and your child.

So, Who is theMaker?

The Maker is your CHILD! The Maker is YOU!

Me, I'm also a Maker, Joe theMaker. After earning a STEM degree in New York, I have worked in the technology field for many years. I have enjoyed years of volunteering and teaching children of all ages from soccer to scouting to technology. I have taught and mentored college age students in software programming, software and hardware development, and digital design.

It's one thing to have an idea. But it is a whole other world if you have the knowledge to use powerful technologies to bring your idea to life. Your child can begin to learn the skills needed to do just that.

From the most simple to the most elaborate.  There is no limit to what can be created when you have the know-how.

WARNING! Learning will occur and fun will be had by all.