Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning Lessons in Tallahassee Florida

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STEM Lessons for Parents, Educators, and Adults

Perhaps you are a parent who wants to advance your understanding of the powerful learning tools and technologies that exist today so you can teach your children.

Maybe you are an teacher, or home school your children, or work with youth and want to learn how to use powerful learning technologies and integrate them in fun ways into your lessons and activities.

Or, you might be an adult that just wants to learn about the Internet of Things, the world wide web, software programming, digital art, electronic product prototyping, or other Software Programming or STEM related topic.

If your interests match any of the above, theMaker offers evening sessions for groups of Parents, Educators, and Adults tailored to the topics and interests of the participants.

Don't miss out on the Learning! Take this opportunity to advance your knowledge of these wonderful learning technologies.

For more information on STEM Learning Lessons tailored to your individual or group learning goals, contact for more information.

If you have a group ready to go, your participation is free.